Nutrition / Nutritional Therapy

Helen has a first class BSc (Hons) degree in Nutrition from Oxford Brookes University and a PGDip in Nutritional Therapy (graduation pending), at the University of Worcester. Having battled over many years with weight loss, fatigue and migraines, it was changing her diet and lifestyle combined with complementary therapies that had a huge impact, dramatically improving her health, so that now she enjoys greater energy, a clearer head and a healthier weight.

There are not many diets that Helen hasn’t tried and her nutrition degree gave her a valuable insight into the science behind nutrition and helped her to understand why so many diets fail long term. Her research and studies have helped her to understand the links between the various life stages and today’s modern diseases such as diabetes, obesity, allergies, IBS and more.


“At a time when I was severely malnourished due to achalasia (extreme difficulty in swallowing), Helen’s friendly, thoughtful and detailed advice was crucial in stabilising my overall condition over the months until I received medical treatment.”



Registered with BANT,  Helen works with individuals on a 1-2-1 basis, either in conjunction with Reiki or as a stand-alone therapy, to identify problems, goals and real life, doable strategies to tackle diet related health issues. Helen offers down to earth advice, that takes into account individual circumstances, fully respectful of her client’s needs and sensitivities. Nutritional testing and supplement advice is available where appropriate.

“You were a lifesaver! Nobody else gave us any help with nutrition while Steve was ill.”



During her time at Oxford Brookes University, Helen spent 18 months volunteering at Crisis, Skylight, Oxford, a homeless charity for single adults based in Oxford, in their weekly cookery classes. It opened her eyes to the issue of ‘Food Poverty’ and the many problems that people face due to lack of finance, skills, education and opportunity. Today Helen continues to be interested in these issues and is mindful that not everyone has access to the more expensive celebrity type diets that seem so popular today.