Client Comments

Many thanks to those who have given their kind permission to quote them. 

Helen is a therapist who is really comfortable in what she does and has a sixth sense about just what you need when you go to see her. I found her Reiki sessions relaxing and restorative whether they were carried out as part of a Health Kinesiology session or as a standalone treatment. Helen has always got time for her clients and can never do enough to help – she has a genuine interest in helping people and I would highly recommend her whether you are seeking Reiki to help with a specific issue or even if you don’t know what your issue is. That is the beauty of it – it subtly helps on levels that you aren’t even aware of, just like Helen!

Helen, Hailey

Absolutely amazing! Such a lovely woman and really helped me with my nerves for driving! Was considering stopping driving altogether until I met Helen and after only seeing her the once I have managed to have a great driving lesson and I did a big drive the day after! Really recommended her! Thank you again Helen! Xxx

Jorden-Lea Smith, Oxfordshire

Just want to say a huge Thankyou for helping my daughter to carry on with driving lessons , you are amazing xx

Karen, Oxfordshire

I recommend Health Kinesiology and Helen wholeheartedly, ...words cannot fully express the gratitude we feel nor can they convey the grace of Health Kinesiology. You have to experience it for yourself to fully appreciate its profound transformative power.

Donna, Oxfordshire

Helen, thank you for all the wonderful & fascinating Health Kinesiology.

Ruth, Oxfordshire

Hi Helen, once again, thanks for an amazing Health Kinesiology session! I came away yesterday feeling like my heart was singing again!

Jo, Oxfordshire

I feel like a completely different person and am able to make changes in my life which a few months ago would have been impossible..... I’m just so grateful to Helen and Health Kinesiology for turning my life around.

Alison, Oxfordshire

I did the Times 'How Happy Are You Really' questionnaire and I came out as 'Very Happy'. This might surprise some people. I just want to say thank you to Helen and Health Kinesiology.

Alison, Oxfordshire

I've noticed that even on the days when I'm tired from the stress at work, I have not had any of those 3 o'clock falling asleep at my desk moments. I used to think it was related to my diet, but regardless of what I have for lunch, my energy levels do seem to have changed.

Hanri, Oxfordshire

By nature I am sceptical but also curious. I had never heard of Health Kinesiology before. Not knowing what to expect, and to be honest, expecting nothing, I had my first Health Kinesiology session with Helen. I don’t pretend to understand the process, but I do know that afterwards I have never felt more energised in my life. A second session left me not only energised, but spiritually uplifted too. I can’t wait for my next session!

Kim, Essex